Appendix B


Editor's note: The following text describes the original distribution of the Applications Disk and Letter Maker disks. 

For the on-line version you are now reading, the disk files are provided in two archives: DISK1.ZIP and DISK2.ZIP.  These archives contain the files mentioned in this appendix.   You must first expand these archive files to your hard disk before you can proceed with the instructions below.

The original book came with self-extracting (ARC) files. These have been replaced with standard ZIP files. All references to a self-extracting file is now to the corresponding ZIP file.

And, of course, the files are provided for download, and not distributed on a floppy disk.



Macro Files:

File 	   Chap	Description
1UPLAB     14   Prints labels on one-column stock.   
3UPLAB	   14   Prints labels on three-column stock.  
3UPLASER   14   Prints laser labels on three-column stock.
ADVENT	   17  	Main adventure game engine.  
AGAIN      11	Part of DEPONOT.WPM.  
AUTOGEN    19   Sample automatic macro generator.  
AUTOMRG    10   Creates secondary merge documents  
AUTOPAR    17	Automatically numbers paragraphs.
AUTOSP     16	Inserts extra line between double-space paragraphs.  
BEGIN      11	Part of CONTRACT.WPM.  
BKPRINT1   17	Prints pages backwards.  
BKPRINT2   17	Prints pages backwards.  
BLACKJAK   17	Blackjack card game.  
BOX  	   17	Draws box of specified height and width.  
BOXER	   12	Draws boxes with Line Draw.  
CAPADD 	   14	Captures address from letter for mailing labels.  
CHANGE     17	Globally changes attributes of text.  
CHARS	   17	Displays IBM ASCII character set.  
CHECK	   19	Main check register macro.  
CLINQ  	   10	Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
CLORD	   10	Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
CLS	   17	Clears window; provides fail-safe prompt.  
COLLINE	   12	Draws vertical line between current columns.
CONTRACT   11	Contract generator engine.  
CONVERT	   16	Converts tab delimited documents to merge format.  
COUNT  	   17	Counts number of occurrences of word or phrase.  
DATER1	   10	Inserts date.  
DATER2 	   10	Inserts date.  
DATER3 	   10	Inserts date; menu prompt.  
DEFGRAPH   12	Defines graphic boxes.
DEFHLINE   12	Defines horizontal graphic lines.  
DEFVLINE   12	Defines vertical graphic lines.   
DEPONOT	   11	Assembles deposition documents.
DOUBLE 	   16	Sets line spacing to 2.  
DPBOXER    12	Prepares "dummy pages" layouts with Line Draw boxes.
DROP       17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.  
ENDNOTE	   16	Creates endnotes.  
ENDNUM 	   16	Sets starting number for endnotes.  
ENDPLACE   16	Sets placement for endnotes.  
ENVELOPE   14	Addresses and prints envelope.
ENVGRAPH   14	Addresses and prints envelope with graphic image.
EXAMINE    17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.  
EXPENSE    13	Prepares expense report.  
FEDSERV    11	Creates documents for service of process.  
FILER	   9	Document save menu; example of menu macro.  
FILL-IN	   19	Example of filling data in tables.
FILLIN 	   13	Fill-in point-of-sale invoice/statement.  
FONEPAD	   17	Records "while-you-were-out" message.  
FOOTNOTE   16	Creates footnotes.
FOOTNUM	   16	Sets starting number for footnotes.  
FULLPG1	   9	Menu example.  
FULLPG2	   9	Menu example.  
FULLPG3	   9	Menu example.
GET	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.  
GENDER	   11	Globally alters gender reference in documents.  
GENERATE   16	Generates lists and tables.  
GOTOCELL   19	Example of moving to particular cell within tables.
GRADES 	   19	Example of using operators in {IF} expressions.  
GRAPH	   12	Edits current graphic.  
HEAD	   16	Opens header for editing.  
HEADER 	   16	Prepares headers.  
HEADTEST   16	Used with HEAD.WPM  
HELLO      17	Prints one-line greeting when starting WordPerfect.  
HELV	   12	Menu selection of Helvetica font.
HFSELECT   16	Selects header or footer for editing.  
HV-POPUP   18	Same as HELV.WPM, but includes "pop-up" windows.
IMPORT     16	Document converter.  
INDEXER    16	Indexes words; multiple occurrences.  
INDEXWRD   16	Indexes words; single occurrence.
INVENT     17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.  
INVOICE    13	Prepares point-of-purchase invoices.  
LCASE      19	Converts input string to all lower-case.  
LETFORM    10	Letter formatter (full blocked). 
LETHEAD    10	Prepares integrated letterhead.  
LETTERS    10	Letter format selector.  
LETVOICE   12	Prepares letter-style invoices.
LINEHOR    17	Draws horizontal line (Line Draw).
LINEVER    17	Draws vertical line (Line Draw).  
LNACROSS   17	Draws line margin to margin (Line Draw).  
LOCKGRAF   12	Locks graphic to position on page.  
LOGGER     17	Document creating and editing logger.
LOOK	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
MACDIR 	   17	Displays directory of macros (using List key).  
MACGENER   19	Sample of auto-generated macro; creates working menu
	        macro selection system.
MACLIST    19	Displays available macros as menu choices (must use    
                prepared document created by MAKELIST.WPM).  
MACSTART   17	Starts selected macro in specified subdirectory.  
MAKEBOX1   17	Sample of arrow-type pop-up menu.
MAKEBOX2   17	Sample of arrow-type pop-up menu.  
MAKELIST   19	Makes list of macro files (for use with MACLIST.WPM). 
MAKEREG    19   Makes new checkbook register (for use with CHECK.WPM).
MARGIN     16   Sets new margins.  
MARGSET    16   Sets new margins; uses graphical interface.  
MARKIND    16   Marks index.  
MARKTOC    16   Marks table of contents.  
MEMO       10	Prepares standard format memos.
MEN1       19	Sample vertical-bar menu system.
MEN2	   19   Sample vertical-bar menu system.  
MOVEBAR1   19	Sample horizontal-bar menu system.  
MOVEBAR2   19   Sample horizontal-bar menu system.  
MRGORD     10   Assembles reply letters to orders.  
MRGORD1    10   Assembles reply letters to orders; prepares mailing    
MRGTOTXT   8    Converts merge codes to text.  
NOPAY      10   Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
NOTEPAD    17   Pop-up "RAM-resident" notepad.
NSFPAY     10   Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
OFFAHEAD   16   Turns off A header.  
ONEHALF    16   Sets line spacing to 1.5.  
OPEN       16   Creates open space between paragraphs.  
ORDENC     10   Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
ORDRPLY    10   Prepares order reply documents (example).  
PARASYM    16   Turns on/off paragraph symbol.  
PARNUM     17   Numbers paragraphs.  
PARSER     19   Sample text parser.  
PHONE      17   "While-you-were-out" phone message taker.
PRLABEL    14   Interactive label printer.   
PSFONT     12 	Menu-based PostScript font selector.
PULLQUOT   12	Creates graphic boxes for "pull-quotes."   
QUIKCALC   17	Quick calculator uses Doc 2 for computations.  
QUIZ	   17	Computer-aided instruction engine.
RECDEL 	   17	Erases record in secondary merge file.  
REPMEMO    10	Prepares "reply" memos.
RESUME1    15	Prepares resumes; skill format.  
RESUME2	   15	Prepares resumes; enhanced skill format.  
RESUME3	   15	Prepares resumes; chronological format.  
RESUME4    15	Prepares resumes; without name and address template.  
REVERSE	   12	Prints text in reverse. 
ROOM0	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
ROOM1 	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
ROOM2 	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
ROOM3 	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
ROOM4 	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.
ROOM5 	   17	Part of ADVENT.WPM.  
RULER 	   17	Turns on/off ruler.  
SAVE	   17	Saves documents.  
SAVESUB	   9	File save menu; example of menu macro.  
SETGRAY	   12	Prints text with gray background.  
SHADE 	   12	Prints shaded text.  
SINGLE	   16	Sets line spacing to 1.  
SKIP	   14	Skips already printed labels for laser printers.  
SORTDIR	   17	Example sorting macro.  
SORTMAC	   9	Directory sort; example of menu macro.  
SPACE 	   16	Provides menu selection of line spacing choices.  
SPLIT 	   17	Splits window between Doc 1 and Doc 2.  
SRCHGRAF   12	Searches for a specific graphic type.  
STRIP 	   12	Creates boxes for "stripping."  
STRIPPER   16	Converts secondary merge documents to column/row
STYVOICE   13	Prepares letter-style invoices using style feature.  
SUPAFOOT   16	Suppresses A footer.  
SUPAHEAD   16	Suppresses A header.  
SUPBFOOT   16	Suppresses B footer.  
SUPBHEAD   16	Suppresses B header.  
TIMECARD   17	Creates timecard for project management.  
TIMETRAK   17	Records elapsed time.  
TOMERGE    16	Converts delimited files to secondary merge file
TOSOFT1	   16	Removes hard returns.  
TOSOFT2	   16	Removes hard returns.  
TXTTOMRG   8	Converts text to merge codes.  
TYINQ 	   10	Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.   
TYORD	   10	Part of ORDRPLY.WPM.  
UCASE 	   19	Converts input string to all upper-case.   
VIEW	   12	Views document (with Print View).  
WDCOUNT    17	Counts words (using Spell).  

Keyboard Layouts:

File 	       Chapter   	Description
DVORAK.WPK     7  	Dvorak keyboard layout.  
EVERYDAY.WPK   16 	Everyday macro sampler.
MACTOOLS.WPK   19 	Tools useful in macro writing.  
MSCRIPT.WPK    16 	Macros for manuscript writing and editing.
SCRIPT.WPK     16	Macros for writing Hollywood-style scripts.  
WORDSTAR.WPM   7	WordStar emulation keyboard (cursor keys


File           	Chapter   Description
1UPLABEL.MRG   	14	  Template document for 1UPLAB.WPM  
3UPLABEL.MRG	14	  Template document for 3UPLAB.WPM.  
3UPLASER.MRG	14	  Template document for 3UPLASER.WPM.  
ADDRESS		14	  Sample address file (sec. merge document).
ADVENT.TXT	17	  Template for ADVENT.WPM.  
BDCHECK.PRI	10	  Primary document; returned check notice.  
CHECK.TMP	19	  Template for CHECK.WPM register.  
CHECK#.REG	19	  Checkbook register for CHECK.WPM.  
DEPONOT.MRG	11	  Template for DEPONOT.WPM.  
DOCUMENT.PRI	10	  Merge template for document assembly.  
ENVGRAPH.TMP	14	  Template for ENVGRAPH.WPM.  
EXPENSE.TAB	13	  Template for EXPENSE.WPM.  
FEDTEMP.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.  
GENDER.TST	11	  Test document for GENDER.WPM.  
HELLO.TXT	17	  Template for HELLO.WPM.  
INPUT.PRI	10	  Creates secondary merge document records.  
INVOICE.TAB	13	  Template for INVOICE.WPM.  
INVOICE.TMP	13	  Template for LETVOICE.WPM.  
LABELS.PRI	10	  Primary merge document for printing labels;  
                         used with MRGORD1.WPM.  
LATEREMD.PRI	10	  Primary document; late payment reminder.  
LETHEAD.TMP	10	  Template for LETHEAD.WPM.  
MENU1.TXT	9	  Template for FULLPG1.WPM.  
MENU2.TXT	9	  Template for FULLPG2.WPM and FULLPG3.WPM.  
MENUTEST.MRG	9	  Test merge menu document.  
ORDER.PRI	10	  Template for auto-assembly.  
ORDRPLY.TXT	10	  Template for ORDRPLY.WPM.  
PART2.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.  
PART3M.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.   
PART3N.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.  
PART3S.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.  
PART4C.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM.  
PART4R.TMP	11	  Template for FEDSERV.WPM. 
QUIZ.TXT	17	  Template for QUIZ.WPM.  
QUOTE.PRI	10	  Primary merge document; request for quotes. 
RESREPLY.PRI	10	  Primary merge document; reply to resume
RESUME.TMP	15	  Template for RESUME1.WPM through
TESTCELL.TAB	19	  Template for FILL-IN.WPM.


File 		Chapter   Description
COLUMNS.STY	12 	  Collection of column formats.
LETFORM.STY	10	  Creates format style.  


File 		Chapter   Description
MACPROF.EXE	19	  Prepares run-down of command usage in
MACREAD.EXE	19	  Creates WordPerfect document of macro file. 


File 		Chapter   Description
MAKEMAC.BAS	19	  Generates macro files (QuickBASIC text
SAMPLE.BAS	19 	  Sample macro file generator (QuickBASIC text


Main Letter Maker Files

File 		Description
LM.WPM  	Main Letter Maker macro.
LMHELP.WPM   	Help macro for Letter Maker.
LM.STY   	Letter format styles.
LMCLOSE.WPM	Part of LM.WPM (letter close).
LMHEAD.WPM	Part of LM.WPM (letter open).
LMLST.WPM	Part of LM.WPM (main letter list).
LMLIST.WPM   	List of letters. 
LMLISTA.WPM   	Letter listaccounts and credit.
LMLISTB.WPM   	Letter list B: orders, quotes, and bids.
LMLISTC.WPM   	Letter list C: employment application.
LMLISTD.WPM   	Letter list D: general employment matters.
LMLISTE.WPM   	Letter list E: courtesy.  
LMLISTF.WPM   	Letter list F: miscellaneous.
MM.WPM   	Memo Maker.

Description of Letters

File 		Description
LMLETA1  WPM    Late payment, first reminder.
LMLETA2  WPM    Late payment, second reminder.
LMLETA3  WPM    Late payment, third reminder.
LMLETA4  WPM    Late payment/statement form, first reminder.
LMLETA5  WPM    Late payment/statement form, second reminder.
LMLETA6  WPM    Late payment/statement form, third reminder.
LMLETA7  WPM    Late payment/statement form, final reminder.
LMLETA8  WPM    Billing error response, version 1.
LMLETA9  WPM    Billing error response, version 2.
LMLETA10 WPM    Request for payment extension.
LMLETA11 WPM    Bad check, first notice.
LMLETA12 WPM    Bad check, second notice.
LMLETA13 WPM    Request to open charge account.
LMLETA14 WPM    Credit approval in process.
LMLETA15 WPM    Credit declined.
LMLETA16 WPM    Credit declined, okay to review.

LMLETB1  WPM    Order, letter form.
LMLETB2  WPM    Delay in shipment, version 1.
LMLETB3  WPM    Delay in shipment, version 2.
LMLETB4  WPM    Delay in shipment, version 3.
LMLETB5  WPM    Delay not acceptable.
LMLETB6  WPM    Soldout, one item.
LMLETB7  WPM    Soldout, multiple items.
LMLETB8  WPM    Soldout, multiple items, on backorder.
LMLETB9  WPM    Can't ship on credit.
LMLETB10 WPM    Error in shipment.
LMLETB11 WPM    Missing shipment.
LMLETB12 WPM    Request for quote, one item.
LMLETB13 WPM    Request for quote, multiple items.
LMLETB14 WPM    Decline bid.
LMLETB15 WPM    Sales followup.
LMLETB16 WPM    Disputed balance notice.

LMLETC1  WPM    Resume reply, decline.
LMLETC2  WPM    Resume reply, decline (with position).
LMLETC3  WPM    Resume reply, approval.
LMLETC4  WPM    Letter reply, decline.
LMLETC5  WPM    Letter reply, approval.
LMLETC6  WPM    Application reply, decline.
LMLETC7  WPM    Application reply, approval.
LMLETC8  WPM    Response from application re: decline resume. 
LMLETC9  WPM    Resume cover letter.
LMLETC10 WPM    Thanks for taking employment test.
LMLETC11 WPM    Thanks for interviewing with us, but...

LMLETD1  WPM    Waiver of confidentiality.
LMLETD2  WPM    Employment verification, version 1.
LMLETD3  WPM    Employment verification, version 2.
LMLETD4  WPM    Request for employment verification.
LMLETD5  WPM    Letter of introduction.
LMLETD6  WPM    Letter of recommendation.
LMLETD7  WPM    Welcome new employee.
LMLETD8  WPM    Congratulations, new job.
LMLETD9  WPM    Congratulations, promotion (inside).
LMLETD10 WPM    Congratulations, promotion (outside; ie vendor).
LMLETD11 WPM    Congratulations on anniversary with firm.
LMLETD12 WPM    Resignation.
LMLETD13 WPM    Leaving company (best wishes to employee).
LMLETD14 WPM    Leaving company (offer or letter of recommendation).
LMLETD15 WPM    Final notice before termination.
LMLETD16 WPM    Termination notice.

LMLETE1  WPM    Thanks for lunch/dinner.
LMLETE2  WPM    Patronage appreciation.
LMLETE3  WPM    Thanks for prompt credit payment.
LMLETE4  WPM    Thanks for new charge account/store.
LMLETE5  WPM    Welcome business to new area.
LMLETE6  WPM    Welcome customer to new area.
LMLETE7  WPM    Welcome new resident, from company.
LMLETE8  WPM    Congratulations to election to public service.
LMLETE9  WPM    Congratulations to election to public office.
LMLETE10 WPM    Thanks for public service.
LMLETE11 WPM    Congratulations on retirement.
LMLETE12 WPM    Congratulations on accomplishments.
LMLETE13 WPM    Invitation to examine new product line.
LMLETE14 WPM    Notice of new sales representative.

LMLETF1  WPM    Condolence.
LMLETF2  WPM    Condolence, death in family.
LMLETF3  WPM    Condolence, death of family member or friend.
LMLETF4  WPM    Thanks for letter/note.
LMLETF5  WPM    Thanks for letter of condolence.
LMLETF6  WPM    Thanks/apology for borrowing book.
LMLETF7  WPM    Invitation to volunteer work.
LMLETF8  WPM    Donation approval.
LMLETF9  WPM    Decline donate use of name.
LMLETF10 WPM    Donation decline.
LMLETF11 WPM    Letter delayed due to absence.
LMLETF12 WPM    Seasons greetings, from company.
LMLETF13 WPM    Christmas message. 
LMLETF14 WPM    Seasons greetings thanks to customer/ employee
LMLETF15 WPM    Open letter


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