Gordon McComb

WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor

19 Easy Steps to Macro Mastery


Ideal for beginners
Nineteen self-paced lessons, with hands-on practice
Includes lessons disk with macro examples
200+ page PDF eBook, read on your PC, pad, or mobile device
Covers WordPerfect through X7!*
Easy-to-understand tutorial and examples!
Includes a handy "How do I?..." chapter -- 3 dozen common macro solutions
Perfect companion for every WordPerfect user
Available only from the author - not sold in stores
* For version X5 and later; some differences may exist in earlier versions

WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor is hot off the presses, and ready for delivery! This book is the latest macro guide from Gordon McComb, the world's best-selling author on macros for WordPerfect.

Topics include:

  • Why use macros, anyway
  • All about recording and playing macros
  • Opening, editing, and printing your macros
  • Types of macro programming commands
  • Understanding this thing called "syntax"
  • Pausing for user input
  • What is a variable, and how is it used
  • How to use system variables
  • Displaying messages and prompts
  • Using the If command to make decisions
  • Using "loops" to repeat macro commands
  • Working with text strings
  • Creating custom dialog boxes with the dialog editor
  • How Do I?... for common tasks
  • All full macros detailed in the book are provided in an applications archive - no retyping

>> See the full table of contents here <<

Ordering Details

WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor is just $18. Instant download. All major credit cards accepted. (If you'd like to pay by company check, please contact us.)

WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor contains 19 chapters (over 200 pages), and is in PDF format.

Quantity discounts are available for trainers, consultants, and IT departments. Reprint licenses are available for very large quantities and in-house branding. Contact us for more details.


Q: Is this book aimed at beginning, intermediate, or advanced macro writing?
A: Beginning to intermediate. WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor starts with the basics and covers all the necessary concepts you need to record, play, and write your own macros in WordPerfect.

Q: Do I need programming experience to use this book?
A: No. WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor does not assume you have previous programming experience. All programming concepts, when required, are fully explained.

Q: Could WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor be used in a classroom or teaching setting?
A: Yes. The book is also ideal for independent study.

Q: Who wrote WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor, and should I care?
A: The book was written by Gordon McComb, the world's best-selling author of WordPerfect macro topics. See Gordon's bio page for more information.

WordPerfect is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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