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Watermarker for WordPerfect -- (versions X3 and later)

Add a colorful watermark stamp to any document

Watermarker is a WordPerfect macro to quickly insert your choice of over two dozen professionally made warnings and disclaimers. The watermark appears behind your text. You can control the wording, colorization, darkness, and style of the mark.

Each watermark stamp is designed to be easy to see, even with a full page of text written over it. More than just boring Times New Roman, the stylistic appearance of the stamps ensure that they get noticed.

Main Watermarker macro dialog box.

Watermarker Options

  • Stamp text (26 to choose from; see below for the list)
  • Either outline or "rubber stamp" style
  • Whether the inserted stamp is in color or black/white
  • The shade percentage (5 to 100 percent; the higher the number, the darker the stamp)
  • Placement of the stamp in the document

The inserted stamp is placed diagonally across the page (all pages in the document, or just selected pages), and appears under the document text.

Watermark added to the WordPerfect page.

Included Watermark Messages

Watermarker comes with over two dozen pre-defined graphics files, in two variations: outline and stylized "rubber stamp." Each stamp can be inserted into the WordPerfect document in either color or black/white, and at varying intensities from a barely visible 5%, to 100%.

Choose outline or "rubber stamp." color or black/white.

  • ASAP
  • Confidential
  • Copy
  • Customer Copy
  • Do Not Copy
  • Do Not Distribute
  • Draft
  • Final
  • Final Notice
  • Internal Document
  • Internal Use Only
  • Not For Distribution
  • Original
  • Paid
  • Paid In Full
  • Personal
  • Preliminary
  • Pre-Release
  • Private
  • Restricted
  • Sample
  • Secret
  • Unpaid
  • Urgent
  • Your Eyes Only

Watermarker stamps are 300 dpi, to ensure sharp, crisp images when printed.

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The Watermarker system is just $5. Instant download. All major credit cards accepted. (If you'd like to pay by company check, pleaseĀ contact us.)

The system is very simple to install and use. Just copy the files to your My Documents folder, run the watermarker macro, and you're off and running!