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Privacy Notice

Web Site Privacy

Except for client-side cookies used as described below, this site does not use, record, or distribute information or buying habits gathered from visitors. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Stealth e-mail," where visitor's e-mail names are covertly captured and stored for unauthorized use, sale, or rental.
  • File log tracking, where files downloaded by one IP or domain are tracked.
  • Unsolicited mailings ("spam"), where Internet users receive mass-mailed e-mail messages without their permission.

See Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) Project for more information about Internet and World Wide Web privacy.

Client Side Cookies

Our Web site may use "cookies" to make note of the visits you make to it. We never use cookies to personally identify you, except for automatic logins to any blogs or forums that you have joined. We never share cookie data with a third party, individually or in aggregate form.

Cookies are provided by your Web browser program. Using the options in your browser, you may elect to turn cookies off during browsing, delete cookies when you close your browser, and/or to reject cookies set by third parties. None of these actions will impair your use or enjoyment of our Web site pages, except that each time you visit you may need to manually log into any blog or forum that you previously registered to.

Cookies may be used by third-parties linked to by us in order to track any orders you may place for our products or services. Examples include PayPal and Google Checkout. In such cases, these cookies are not shared with us, and we have no access to the information contained within them. They are used solely to process your order, and come under the respective privacy policy of the third-party.

E-mail Privacy

All e-mail sent to us is considered confidential. E-mail addresses are never sold or rented to others. Your information is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with outside parties who aren't associated with providing sales or support that you have specifically requested.

We may provide a free or paid subscription to an e-mail newsletter. Such a newsletter, if offered, is provided only as an "opt-in" subscription. That is, you must specifically request or pay to be added to the list in order to continue receiving the newsletter.

E-mail addresses and other personally identifying information for this newsletter are never sold or rented, but they may be shared with a third-party whose sole function is to manage your subscription. Subscription management may include storing your e-mail address on servers other than ours, and offering you the ability to opt-out of receiving further subscription e-mails.

Any e-mail newsletter we may provide will contain an "unsubscribe" link. You may elect to stop receiving any or all newsletters at any time.

Our Web site may contain one or more blogs or forums that support our products and services. If you contribute to these blogs or forums by writing posts, signup information you provide as part of the signup process (such as your name and e-mail address) is collected by us and stored on our servers. Please refer to the specific privacy notice attached to the blog or forum regarding the information we request, and how it is maintained.

Personal Information Privacy

The following applies to products directly sold and shipped by us:

In the course of selling and shipping to you products that you order from us, we collect and retain specific personal information that you provide. This information includes only that data required by law, by billing company, and by the shipping carrier. This information is transmitted to us via a secure (SSL) link, and temporarily stored on computers behind a secure firewall.

The following applies to products and/or services offered by us, but billed by and/or delivered to you via a third-party:

We may use a third-party billing service, including but not limited to PayPal. These services act as intermediary for collecting payment details from you. They in turn authorize your credit card or other payment account, and inform us that your purchase has been successful. We then deliver the product or service to you. In the case of digital content, we may use a third-party fulfilment center to provide product delivery to you, or we may deliver the content to you via e-mail or through a private URL.

These third-party billing services may share your basic information with us, such as name, physical address and/or e-mail address, and telephone number. But they do not share your payment information, such as credit card details.

The information they do provide to us is held in strict confidence, and is not shared, loaned, or sold by us, except in the course of actually shipping or providing the program or service to you. For example, we will provide your name, address, phone number, and other pertinent information to our shipper, so that they can properly deliver the package to you.

Each third-party billing service, digital media delivery service, and shipper maintains their own privacy policy, including the information collected from you, and how it is stored and used. Please refer to the privacy policy on their respective Web sites.

The following applies to advertisers and other third-parties linked to from this site, but who are not affiliated with us:

We may provide links to products or services sold or advertised by third parties, such as Google and Amazon. We are not affiliated with these third parties in any way, nor do we share any information about you.

Please refer to the privacy policy on the respective Web sites for these third parties.

Spam Policy

We never send spam. If you have received a spam e-mail supposedly sent by one of our email address, the return address was forged. It did NOT come from us.

Use by Minors (as required by US law)

We do not sell products or services for purchase by children. For the purpose of making purchases by mail this site is intended to be used solely by adults.

We assume that if you use a credit card to purchase products or services from us that you are not under 18. If you order from us and are under 18, you may use this site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Changes To This Notice

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Notice at any time, and without written notification. A copy of the latest Privacy Notice is always available at this URL.

Contacting Us

Should you have questions regarding this Privacy Notice, send a support request via the following Web site address. Please allow 1-3 business days for us to process your request.