Gordon McComb

Gordon's Bibliography

Published Books New and Old

This is a selection of some of my books, dating back to my first, published in 1983.

Those books that are still considered in print or available from used book sellers can be purchased on-line through Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble.

Latest Books

Books about WordPerfect and Word

  • WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor
  • WordPerfect 5.1 Macros and Templates (Bantam)
  • WordPerfect for Windows Macros
  • WordPerfect 6.x for Windows Macros
  • Using WordPerfect 7 for Windows, Special Edition (co-author; Que)
  • Using WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows, Special Edition; co-author (Que)
  • Mastering WordPerfect 9 (Sybex; co-author)
  • Web Publishing with WordPerfect for Windows (Que)
  • WordPerfect 5.0 Macros and Templates (Bantam)
  • WordPerfect for Windows Power Tools (Random House)
  • WordPerfect 6 (DOS) Power Tools (Random House)
  • Working With Word, Macintosh version (Microsoft Press)
  • Inside Microsoft Works (Bantam)

Books about electronics and gadgets

  • Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Arduino Robot Bonanza (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Electronics For Dummies (Wiley; Kindle Edition)
  • Robot Builder's Sourcebook (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Constructing Robot Bases (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Gordon McComb's Gadgeteer's Goldmine (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • The Laser Cookbook (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Robot Builder's Bonanza, First and Second Edition (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Lasers, Ray Guns, and Light Cannons (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing VCRs (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • VCRs and Camcorders for Dummies (IDG Books; co-author)
  • Building Speaker Systems (Radio Shack)
  • Installing Home Theater Systems (Radio Shack)
  • Installing and Maintaining Sound Systems (Radio Shack)v
  • Electronic Lifestyle (Radio Shack)
  • The Video Book (Prompt/Sams)
  • Security Systems for Your Home and Automobile (Radio Shack; co-author)
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Fax Machines (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Compact Disc Player Maintenance and Repair (Tab/McGraw-Hill)
  • Gordon McComb's Tips & Techniques for Electronics Hobbyists (Tab/McGraw-Hill)

Books about Windows

  • I Hate Windows (Que)
  • Windows 95 Preview Guide (Que)

Books about the Internet

  • Web Commerce Cookbook (Wiley Computer Publishing)
  • The Web Languages Sourcebook (Wiley Computer Publishing)
  • The JavaScript Sourcebook (Wiley Computer Publishing)
  • Web Publishing with WordPerfect for Windows (Que)

Books about the Apple Macintosh

  • Macintosh User's Guide (Sams)
  • Mastering MacDraw (Compute!/Chilton)
  • MacGuide -- Complete Handbook to the Macintosh (Plume/written as Leslie S. Smith)
  • Macintosh Graphics (Plume)
  • Working With Word, Macintosh version (Microsoft Press)

Other topics

  • Big Basics Book of PCs; co-author (Que)
  • PC Tools Deluxe 6 Instant Reference (Sybex)
  • First Book of PC Tools Deluxe (Sams)
  • First Book of Quicken (Sams)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 for the IBM PC and XT (Plume; co-author) -- My first book!