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Gordon McComb Automation is a world leader in improving productivity through WordPerfect and Microsoft Word macros. Our consulting services, training, and books have helped thousands harness the power of document automation to make them more productive.

Consulting and Training

Gordon is one of the world's leading experts on WordPerfect and Microsoft Word macros and office automation. Learn more about his services, with solutions ranging from per-call "guru" help to complete automation systems.


Free Stuff!

Enjoy our free macros and document automation tools! Here you'll find free tools for document automation. Many are useful as learning examples of how to write macros for custom automation solutions.


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Why word processing automation is so important

In case you haven't heard, times are tough. The economy is on the mend, but experts believe it'll take some time before it gets back to normal.


Meanwhile, business goes on. That includes paying office rent, salaries, and equipment leases.


The help balance the balance sheet, you need to turn to automating common word processing and document production tasks. The more shortcuts you provide for yourself and your employees, the faster the work is done. You save money, simple as that.


Here are just some of the benefits:

Reduce or Eliminate Overtime

Task automation - especially document production chores - can greatly reduce employee overtime.

Enhancements are Long Term

Automation solutions continue to pay off the longer you use them. With just a minimal programming skills, you or a member of your staff can develop the tools you need to start saving now. Or, hire someone (like us!) to create solutions for you. Need just a tilt in the right direction? We offer on-call "guru" assistance to smooth the road.

Better Quality Control

When you automate your document production chores you also improve quality control. Fewer mistakes means fewer embarrassments, too!

Improve Productivity

The more work you and your employers finish each week, the more productive your business - WITHOUT hiring additional staff or temporary workers. Turn unproductive document production tasks into profit centers.

Increase Profitability

Taxes, insurance, employee costs - running your business isn't getting any cheaper. Use technology to perform repetitive tasks.

Meet Your Customers Demands

No more having to make excuses because your back office work is piling up. Deliver to your customers on time, every time.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding a bunch of new and useful material to this site, like tutorials and examples for both Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. Lots of it free! So be sure to come back often!

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