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Since 1987, I has assisted law offices, software companies, movie studios, schools, churches, publishers, insurance agents, hospitals, research institutes, and government agencies do more work in less time. (See a list of some of my clients.)

I wrote the definitive books on macro programming and document automation (250,000+ copies), and I know what you and your business need to save money. Take a moment to browse this site. And discover how I can help you, too.

Free Stuff: Macros You Can Use!

Enjoy free macros and document automation tools! Here you'll find free tools for document automation.

Many are useful as learning examples of how to write macros for custom automation solutions.

Free Macros
WordPerfect Macro Tutorial
Just Released:
Step-By-Step Macro Writing Tutorial

A new and fully updated edition of my classic book, WordPerfect for Windows Macro Tutor, is now available as an instant download PDF e-book!

This fully revised how-to covers WordPerfect versions X5 and later (many topics and sample macros will also work with X3 and X4.) It's over 200 pages, and comes with a zip file of all the macro examples detailed in the book.

Available online for instant download. Be sure to check out the free chapter preview.

Get your copy today!

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Macros and Templates
Free Book Download: Classic WPDOS Macros

You want this book - no, you NEED this book - if you're converting old WPDOS macros to WPWin or Microsift Word.

WordPerfect 5.1 Macros and Templates has helped hundreds of thousands of users -- individuals, offices, lawyers, government agencies, and more -- to harness the power of WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.

This "bible" of WordPerfect DOS macros is provided here, at no charge, in electronic form.

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